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Top - A Top-CPU Usage Display

Top provides a rolling display of top-CPU using processes on a Unix system. It also displays other information about the overall health of the system, including load averages and memory utilization.

* Download the source distribution of top!

Top is supported by its lead progammer, William LeFebvre. The current release and beta test versions of top are always available at the following FTP archive sites. Releases of top are posted to the newsgroup comp.sources.unix and should appear on any site which archives that newsgroup.

If you are curious, you can look at a sample screen from top. The README file is also available. The Changes file lists the most recent changes to the distribution.

The list of frequently asked questions will help those attempting to install top for the first time.

Mailing lists are currently being formed. Once established, they will be as follows:

The lists are maintained by majordomo. For more information, send a mail message to "" containing the word "help".